We are currently full for boarding, however we encourage you to contact us if you wish to be placed on a waiting list.

Our Philosophy
Meadow Creek Farm, LLC is family owned and operated.  We tailor care to meet the needs of the modern boarder.  We strive to give our clients the best care possible for their horses at an affordable cost.  We understand that most of our clients have lives outside of their horses...lives that sometimes get in the way of the care that a horse needs. We know that our boarders wish to give the best care possible, but just can't sometimes due to life's little intricacies.  This is where we come in.  We provide the care you desire, at a price you can afford.

We have a regular deworming program that uses fecal testing to determine the course of action we take. We schedule a yearly vet visit, equine dentist every 8 months and a barefoot trimmer every 6 weeks.  You may use our professionals, or bring your own. 

We are here to supplement the care you give and make your equine companion happy, healthy and safe.  We offer two basic types of boarding (explained below).  If there is something you require, but do not see listed, please ask...we can very likely meet your needs. 

Stall Care - $250
Meadow Creek Farm LLC offers a spacious stall complete with stall matted floors.  Each stall is also equipped with a salt block, water bucket (heated in winter) and a feed pan.  Shavings are included in the cost of basic board.  In the summer each stall is equipped with a fan.  Our barn has running water, electricity and a secure tack storage room.  You may choose the level of service you require. 

We will muck your stall each time your horse uses it, feed your horse twice a day, give supplements and provide daily turnout in our large pastures.  In addition, we offer blanketing services in the winter as well as fly masks and fly spray in the summer.  The cost of hay and grain is not included in this basic level of service, but can be added if required. You can rest assured that your equine partner is being well cared for in our serene friendly environment.  

Field Care - $200
Meadow Creek Farm LLC has 22 acres of pasture to accommodate your equine companion.  Each pasture is equipped with 
water troughs and a 15 x 30 run in for shelter.  Field care is a self care situation, but includes feedings.  We will feed your 
horse twice a day.  You are responsible for purchasing grain and hay.  We will add supplements if your horse requires that.  
At Meadow Creek Farm we strive to give our boarders the level of service they need and desire.  
Customization is our forte.  Just ask...we can likely meet your needs.

Additional Services Available by Request for a Fee
  • Grooming
  • Medical care
  • Hoof cleaning
  • Holding for Vet, Dentist and Farrier
  • Blanketing
  • Fly Spraying
  • Fly Masks On/Off
  • Trailering
  • Deworming