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Meadow Creek Farm is a family operated equine facility in Hampstead, Maryland (Carroll County). We offer boarding for your horse, horsemanship lessons and sessions in Equine Facilitated Learning. We believe that the horse has an amazing power to unlock individual human potential. It is our mission to provide an environment where individuals can relax, learn and grow as they learn from this amazing animal.  

Our hope is that through our work, our clients will leave the experience with a much deeper understanding of self and a renewed outlook on life.  We are happy you found us and look forward to meeting you.

About me
As the Barn Owner/Director of Meadow Creek Farm LLC, I bring over 45 years of equine experience to my farm. I have received two certifications as an Equine Specialist in Equine Assisted Therapy. (EAGALA 10/10-10/12 and Greg Kersten's OK
Corral Series 4/12-present). Greg Kersten is the founder of EAGALA.  My decision to seek certification with Greg and his OK Corral Series is simple.  When you wish to learn from the best, you go straight to the source.  Greg's philosophy aligns more with my own philosophy.  When doing this work, we need to remove barriers and allow the horses to do what they do best.  My program offers just that.  

Horses are windows that will show you things about yourself, that you can't even begin to imagine. My love for this amazing animal has grown deeper as I have witnessed firsthand the change that a horse can bring about in a 
person.  I have seen with my own eyes the healing and confidence building power of the equine. I want to share this experience with others so that they can learn that horses have the capacity to build confidence, life skills and relationships.    

I treat my boarders, their horses and my clients like family. Together with my husband Mark, I hope to establish an environment that facilitates learning and allows those who participate to have a peace of mind whether they are trusting their horse's care to me, or if they are involved in a workshop or lesson.  Meadow Creek Farm is my haven...and I wish to share that with you.  

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Interested in any of our services?  Please call us!  443.508.8005  Or, you can email Teresa@themeadowcreekfarm.com

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